9 Responses to My open letter to Prime Minister Harper

  1. Marvin says:

    Well written!

  2. CA Freeb says:

    Wonderful! I’ll get started on my letter to him as well. Btw, I see Frances tomorrow at one. I did not sleep a wink all night.

  3. CA Freeb says:

    She was very helpful. I then left her office and went down to speak with the Occupy Ottawa folks thinking they are young and have so much energy perhaps this issue would interest them. Indeed it did. And I was wrong. Half the people were my age or older. She was not able to promise I wouldn’t be penalized on the FBAR I need to file and I requested she do five years of tax returns even though I did not make enough in those years to be required to file. I’m covering myself for when I renounce. I likely won’t be fined on any late filing on tax forms but, that one FBAR is worrisome. I don’t have ten thousand dollars to pay them. I am writing cover letters for both but, am nervous as a cat about it all. *sigh* If I were a stats person I would start a run on who went on Xanax over this situation. I talked to someone who said today is their last day as an American..then they said “I guess I will go out and take my American stickers off my car and toolbox” This is SO sad! My heart has hurt over this so much. Like I said before. My mother died last winter and I’m only happy she did not have to see this or her brother who passed away last year either. So much fun to be dealing with five deaths in my family this year AND this.

    • Expat in CA says:

      Please don’t worry so much. It won’t change anything, and it’ll just make you sick while we wait. You’ve done the first step, which is filing. You’ve also started writing letters, and I hope that you’ll keep that up. But after that, please try not to think about it. I know it’s hard, but please try. They don’t have the right to take our health like this.

  4. CA Freeb says:

    You’re right, there really is nothing I can do. I do however come from a long line of activists. If I have to renounce over this I will not be going silently into that good night. Thanks Expat, I appreciate your comments. Btw, I’m lining up a blog talk radio show regarding FBAR and FATCA and consequences. I’ll let you know when the first one is coming up if you like.

    • Expat in CA says:

      I don’t mean that you should just sit back and take it! By all means, this situation needs activism! Just don’t let it ruin your health or your family’s wellbeing.

      That’s a great idea. Do please let me know!

  5. CA Freeb says:

    Well, I had the link for the radio show which is ninety minutes Friday night at 8:30 up on the ex pat forums with no problems for a day and half before one over zealous mod took it off. She said it was “advertising” I won’t make a penny off it and indeed it cost me thirty nine dollars to get it going. I read the forum rules and while it says you cannot advertise, which I took to mean “spam” It says you can have one link to a site you are a part of. Funny, to me last evening there were two or three other mods posting with us and none of them had a problem with it. I guess I will just pm people to see if anyone is interested. I used to admin at a really, really large site for George Harrison’s family. An official site so I understand they don’t want anyone pulling members away or spamming but, I don’t think an hour and a half on Friday nights would pull anyone away long term or anything close to that. If anything it would be good advertising for THEIR board. The mod who made the decision is someone totally new to me and who doesn’t usually post with us at all. Oh well. I DO wish I’d known right off the bat. I’m miffed about it and told them so. lol. I didn’t do it for ME. Anyway, it might be somewhat smaller than expected for the first show due to that but, after that people can book mark and I will automatically email them an hour before the show for a reminder.

    I had planned as the shows are archived to be able to send embedded copies or links to certain senators or media. After all, if all of our stories are there in audio it’s much easier for someone to understand this who isn’t part of it. I also want to have guests on in the future and will go ahead with that. Perhaps someone from ACA, or democrats abroad or magazine journalists. You get the idea. Here’s the link to the first show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cafreeb I’d love to have you as co host some evening.

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