Passports: Place of birth field

User Schubert on ExpatForum is concerned that, even though he has renounced his US citizenship, the “place of birth” field in his passport may lead to harassment from border officials.

He asked Passport Canada if it would be possible to omit his place of birth from his passport. In their response, they indicated citizens may choose to have only the city or country name appear. If they would like the section omitted entirely, they must fill out and sign form “Request for a Canadian passport without a Place of Birth,” available at any Passport Canada office, embassy, or by calling 1-800-567-6868.

So the choice is yours. Keep in mind that border officials may not know about this and assume that your passport is not legitimate. Further, Passport Canada advises that you contact any countries you plan on visiting to see if such a passport is legally recognized there.

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2 Responses to Passports: Place of birth field

  1. CA Freeb says:

    I am concerned about this issue too as leaving off the place of birth doesn’t protect you. That’s a red flag to them as it’s something “unusual” Also having the place of birth on there is a red flag so it’s a catch 22. I guess I will just leave it on and deal with whatever comes up when it does. Really, that’s the only decision I can make. I can see a scenario like I had last winter trying to get home when my mother was dying happening when the time comes for my dad. Being stopped at such a time would be devastating.

    • Expat in CA says:

      Indeed. I think the best option is just to carry a copy of your certificate of renunciation in your passport. While there may be the occasional jerk border guard, I think that the vast majority will recognize it as a legitimate document and not care enough to press the issue.

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