4 Responses to An overview of the FATCA/FBAR situation, submitted by a reader

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  2. The FBAR penalties are ruining the lives of Americans living all over the world, and this is an excellent summary. American Citizens Abroad in the United States has called for outright repeal of the FATCA legislation, which has been passed but not implemented. The FATCA legislation is even worse than the FBAR rules, with devastating consequences for the US economy and for all US citizens living abroad. Everyone who reads this should contact any family or friends or reporters in the US and get the story into the United States press. We think if we have enough US reporting, we can get traction for the Repeal FATCA campaign. Please join us in the fight !

    • Expat in CA says:

      I agree completely (and I love the work the ACA has been doing, by the way!). I’ve been reaching out to everyone I can think of in the US to get the conversation started domestically, but it seems that Americans just aren’t interested, even though the foreign investment situation suggests that they should be.

  3. Just because you want to move out of the States, it is almost like a punishment the government is trying to give them

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