Would Americans care if they knew where their taxes were going?

A recurring theme with FATCA is that Americans living in America simply don’t care about the problems the act creates for Americans living abroad. But maybe they should…

I filed my US taxes for the first time in 2011. I’ve never earned an income in the US so I owe no back taxes. But as I spoke with my accountant, we realized that the US owes me money – I’d never collected on any of the tax refunds.

I’m sure I’m not alone, as many of these refunds have been universal. As more and more expats who owe nothing in the US start to back file, how money will that funnel out of the US, and out of the US economy?

Even though it’s only small amounts, how would Americans feel if they knew that their taxes are going in part to support the economies of other countries instead of their own, as the refunds intended?

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4 Responses to Would Americans care if they knew where their taxes were going?

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  2. Victoria says:

    When I had one of my tax returns a few years back reviewed by a tax professional he told me that all was OK (no amount owed and all in order) except that I had not properly *optimized” the return. He informed me that if I paid him a small fee he could get me 400 USD back from the US gov. This for someone who earned no money and has no assets in the US. At the time I thought it was outrageous – I wasn’t going to ding my country for 400 USD given all the turmoil going on at the time so I politely declined.

    Given FATCA and the rather heavy-handed measures being used these days against Americans abroad, I might rethink that if it ever happens again…

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