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Would Americans care if they knew where their taxes were going?

A recurring theme with FATCA is that Americans living in America simply don’t care about the problems the act creates for Americans living abroad. But maybe they should…

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Eritrea’s Extortion

There are only two countries in the world that have a Citizenship-based taxation system, the United States and Eritrea. So let’s take a look and how the world reacts when a country without global political clout does it…

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America is losing talent because of the IRS’s overreaching

There are many unintended repercussions to US tax policy (not to mention their disproportional penalty system). Investing in the US is becoming riskier, as is immigrating there.

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When do I need to file a tax report with the IRS?

Navigating the US tax system can be rather daunting, and the penalties for innocent errors are far higher than seems reasonable. As someone accustomed to the relative ease and helpfulness of the CRA, stepping into IRS territory is enough to … Continue reading

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How are RRSPs handled with the IRS?

For most income, the taxes paid to CRA offset anything that might be due to the IRS. That’s why most US citizens living in Canada owe nothing when they file their US taxes. But interest income earned in RRSPs is … Continue reading

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Remember when dealing with the IRS

Generally good advice when dealing with any company or government department, but particularly helpful for those of us currently trying to work with the IRS to become compliant with minimum damage to ourselves and our families.

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The OVDP/OVDI “scam” and how a rational country might have handled the program

To bring people back into compliance, the IRS instituted the Overseas Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) in 2009, a program that the American Citizens Abroad (ACA) has termed a “scam.”

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