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The canary in the coal mine

The Vancouver Consulate is now officially backlogged in its requests for renunciation of US citizenship. Advertisements

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America is losing talent because of the IRS’s overreaching

There are many unintended repercussions to US tax policy (not to mention their disproportional penalty system). Investing in the US is becoming riskier, as is immigrating there.

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Renouncing at the Calgary embassy

Nononymous wasn’t sure if he wanted to renounce his citizenship, but he wanted to look into his options. He decided to book an appointment at the US embassy in Calgary to conduct the first interview of the renunciation process.

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Thousands of Americans are flocking to renounce their citizenships

Giving up citizenship to what may be the country of your birth, or the country where much of your family lives is a very hard decision to make. It can mean severing emotional ties, or it can feel like betraying … Continue reading

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Consular Guide to Renounciation

Thinking about renouncing your US citizenship? Obviously, it’s a very drastic step and needs to be done after careful consideration. But if you think you may be interested, there are some great resources for you online.

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